Liquor Treatment

Helix ECL offer process design and commissioning services for process reject water and liquor treatment

Helix ECL will design liquor treatment plants for a variety of applications


High-rate nitrifying and denitrifying liquor treatment plants


Optimised high-rate ammonia removal using pH and temperature control


Ammonia and nitrate removal with alkalinity recovery and carbon dosing

Helix ECL have designed a number of liquor treatment plants treating dewatering liquors from anaerobic digestion

Steve Bungay also works as a consultant for ACWA Services Ltd, who offer the AMTREAT® process which is a registered design for treating high strength ammonia wastewater

Chemical Dosing

pH control for nitrification, and carbon dosing for denitrification

Heating & Cooling

Control of process temperature for optimum removal and efficiency

ACWA Services Ltd

A leading provider of innovative, process solutions for air, water and wastewater

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