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Helix ECL are a leading independent environmental consultancy specialising in
wastewater and environmental engineering

Steve Bungay
Owner & Director

Steve Bungay is the owner and Director of Helix Environmental Consultancy Ltd, which is a specialist process lead consultancy. Steve is a scientist with a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from Brighton Polytechnic, a MSc in Air & Water Pollution Control from the University of Westminster, and a MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering from Cranfield University. He has over 25 years process science and engineering experience in water quality, wastewater and sludge treatment.

Steve formed Helix ECL in 2010, with the mission to provide personalised high-quality process science and engineering services to the water, waste, and renewable energy sectors.

Steve is a Chartered Biologist, a Member of the Royal Society of Biology, and a Member of CIWEM. Steve is a guest lecturer at Cranfield University, and he chairs CIWEM’s Wastewater and Biosolids Panel, and is the wastewater specialist for the Foundation for Water Research; co-ordinating their Wastewater Innovation Forum. Steve sits on the steering committee for SludgeTech. He is a member of the UK Chapter of the Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovellers, and he works as an Expert Witness in the field of wastewater and sludge treatment.

He has a wealth of experience of wastewater treatment; anaerobic digestion; advanced anaerobic digestion; reject water treatment; food waste digestion; and organic waste treatment. Steve is a practising scientist; dividing his time amongst desk based design work, on-site fieldwork, and site-based laboratory work. His special areas of interest include foaming in anaerobic digesters, struvite and nutrient treatment and recovery from sludge and effluent streams.


Helix ECL specialise in the design, commissioning, and operation of sewage, wastewater, liquor, sludge treatment and anaerobic digestion plants.

Helix ECL work for a variety of clients including the major UK Water Companies, project contractors, environmental consultancies, technology providers, independent waste companies, property management companies, lawyers, solicitors, and barristers.

Helix ECL offer a range of support services for the commissioning and operation of treatment works and process plant, with its own on-site laboratory for commissioning, trouble-shooting, testing, and optimising process plant.

Helix ECL also provide Expert Witness Services combined with industry specific Quantum Analysis

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